GitHub Sponsors (npm)

Prompt your users to donate after `npm install`

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Minimal setup, one line of code in npm script postinstall.

Be visible

Let your users know you are accepting sponsors.

Learn about open source funding

Take a look on the website to learn about the different funding model platforms

A simple npm package

GitHub Sponsors has been announced during Github Satellite at Berlin May 23rd. It is a new way for open source developers to collect donation from the community. A few ways to do that already exists, but GitHub Sponsors is taking responsibility in this area by adding this feature directly on GitHub. You can add a Sponsor button on the top of your projects and it will open a popup window containing links to the donation pages.

This package allows open source maintainers to print a post-install message easily for their packages. github-sponsors is using FUNDING.yml to retrieve the information and displaying it to the user.

Donation message


npm install --save github-sponsors


Add in package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "github-sponsors"